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 I have set up a studio store with Revolution Dance to help us find proper dancewear and shoes at a good price. With the closing of Ginger's, and now Payless has closed (that used to be my go-to for littles' shoes!) we are left to fend for ourselves! I'm going to outline how to order from the studio store, and at the bottom, I will also review other places you can order dancewear from. Having proper dancewear is SO important!

  1. When you go to the link, select the class you want to shop for. 

  2. Create an account, or log in if you've already done that.

  3. The first thing that pops up when you log in is the shoe conversion chart. Use this to figure out what size shoe to order for your child (YAY, a universal sizing chart!) It will continue to pop up every time you select a shoe to look at. Mildly annoying, but makes sure you get the right size!

  4. You can scroll through all the items on the list and choose which ones you want. You don't HAVE to buy anything you don't need / want. See below for a list of what is needed for class. If you don't want or need an item, just click "skip". If you want an item, you will just need to select what you want, as well as which student it's for. If you haven't already, "add student". 

  5. In the class lists, I have only included options for items "needed" for class. I.e. leotard, tights, ballet slippers. There is also a list called "extras" which has some fun options and accessories like dance bags, nude leos, etc.

  6. Go through the checkout process. There is a flat $3.50 shipping fee per order, and the items will ship to me with your name on it. This saves you a lot of shipping! You can pick up your items at the studio when they arrive.

Dress Code Guidelines:

  1. For pre-ballet and primary, I don't have a specific dress code. Little dancers may come to class in a classic leotard, tights, and ballet slippers. They can come to class in last years recital costume. They can come to class in shorts and a t-shirt. The only thing they must have for class is a proper pair of ballet slippers. I really recommend ordering from Nimbly for several reasons. You will get the right size. Amazon sells shoes, but the sizing is a lot of guesswork. Target sells "shoes" but they are terrible and not safe. If a dancer is wearing the Target shoes, I will send a note home asking that they be replaced with proper ballet shoes. The brands at Nimbly are good shoes (and some don't have a drawstring, which saves about half of the class time I spend tying shoes!)

  2. For all other classes, students must have a leotard, pink tights, and proper ballet slippers. For Intermediate 1 and higher, they MUST wear transition tights and split-sole shoes. Any color or style of leotard is fine for class, but all students should have a black leotard, since we use them for specific events or performances.

  3. Optional items that are good to have: a skirt, a dance bag, a mesh bag if they have pointe shoes, warmups, a nude leo or dance bra for an extra layer or for performances.

Other options:

Target- Please do not buy ballet slippers from Target or Walmart! They are NOT good quality, they do NOT form to the child's foot, and they do NOT offer any kind of strengthening or support. I would rather the student go barefoot that wear these shoes! #rantover

Amazon- Amazon has legit ballet slippers. Just make sure you order a well-known brand, not a knockoff. Stick with brands like Capezio, Bloch, Grishko, or Sansha. Its also a lot of guesswork to figure out the right size. These are great shoes, but none are consistent in their sizing, so you may end up buying pairs that don't fit at all.

Discount Dance Supply or other online retailer- These guys have a wide selection of good options, but you're still guessing on the sizes, and shipping can take FOREVER and rates are pretty high unless you're making a big order. They are also often "backordered" and don't let you know that until after you place the order.

Brick-and-mortar shops- These are often your best options, especially if you need a particular fit. Empire Dance Shoppe in Spokane is excellent, and the Leotard in Portland. There may be a small shop or two in Yakima at one of their studios, but I don't know. There is a shop at the Academy of Dance in Richland. Unfortunately, I can't recommend them because of poor customer service, and a lack of a knowledgable shoe fitter. Might be ok to pick up an extra pair of tights or something, but will be more expensive than ordering.

I have ordered from Revolution for many years for dancewear and costumes, and I've always been happy with their customer service. They were one of the original companies to offer "studio shops", and they have features I will definitely be happy about!