class schedule
2021-2022 school year
begins August 30, 2021



4:00-6:00- Intermediate 2 + pointe

6:00-7:00- Beginning 1




4:00-4:30- Pre-Ballet (Ages 2-4) 

4:45-5:30-Primary (Ages 5-7)

5:30-6:30- Intermediate 1 

6:30-8:30- Advanced 1 and 2 



3:15-3:45- Pre-Ballet (Ages 2-4)

4:00-5:30- Intermediate 2 

5:30-6:30- Beginning 2

6:30-8:00- Advanced 2 




4:00-4:45- Primary (Ages 5-7) 

5:00-5:30- Pre-Ballet (Ages 2-4)

5:30-7:00- Intermediate 1 

7:00-8:30- Advanced 1 and 2

Class descriptions

Pre-Ballet is designed for ages 2-4. This 30-minute, once weekly class teaches students about class format and etiquette (following teacher, working with others, taking turns) while also building a foundation of coordination, direction, and spatial awareness. We learn basic dance skills and ballet words, and have a lot of fun with imagination!


Primary is for students ages 5-7, or by placement from a previous year of dancing. This 45-minute, once weekly class builds on the skills learned in Pre-Ballet, helping the students add to their foundation with more body control and awareness, learning about grace, rhythm and musicality, and more challenging steps and combinations are added to their muscle memory bank! Primary is a lot of fun!

Beginning Ballet

Beginning Ballet is for students ages 8+, or by placement from a previous year of dancing. Beginning Ballet is the first level of "formal" ballet training, and students add a lot of knowledge and skills at this level. The class meets once per week for Rank 1, and twice per week for Rank 2. It is a one-hour class. The class follows the traditional ballet class format with barre, center, and allegro exercises.

Intermediate 1

Intermediate 1 is for Beginning students ages 11+, or experienced students by placement from a previous year of dancing. In this level, students attend two 90-minute classes per week. They build on their skills, begin to challenge their strength, balance, turnout, and flexibility as they prepare for more advanced levels. This is a big level, and many students will spend 2-3 years in this class as they grow and mature and add to their knowledge.

Intermediate 2

Intermediate 2 enrollment is by placement only. It is a 90 minute, twice weekly class, and the students also have the option of adding on lower levels to supplement. Pointe training is introduced in this level, and comes as an extra 30-minute class. Students must pass a readiness test (and not before age 11). This level is a lot about strength! Most students are going through their biggest growth spurts at this level, so building strength and easing into flexibility as they get used to their "new" bodies is very important! Choreography is more challenging and exciting! This is a big level, and students can expect to spend at LEAST two years in this level.

Advanced 1

Advanced 1 enrollment is by placement only. It is a 90-minute, twice weekly class, plus a pointe class. Once students have build strength in Intermediate 2, they are ready for more challenging steps and combinations. Confidence and performance skills, goal-setting, and self-correction are very important in this level. This is a big level, and students can expect to spend at LEAST two years in this level.

Advanced 2

Advanced 2 is our highest level. While there is a list of skills and goals for this level, how it is implemented varies depending on the current students in the level. Affectionately referred to as "The Big Girls", the students in this class are learning to take responsibility and to set a good example for the younger students. Performance times keep them very busy, but they always have time to talk to a little one or help someone with their bun. The class includes two 90-minute classes, plus a separate pointe class.

Tuition and fees

Tuition is due by the first class of each month. You can pay online, pay with autopay, or mail in a check. 

There is no registration fee this year.

Pre-Ballet: $49 / month

Primary: $59 / month

Beginning 1: $73 / month

Beginning 2: $83 for one weekly class, $125 for 2.

Intermediate 1: $125 / month

Intermediate 2: $165 (includes pointe class)

Advanced 1 and 2: $165 (includes pointe and extra class for Advanced 2)

Other fees: (2020-2021 season)

Nutcracker Participation fee: TBD (Due Sept / Oct 2021)

Spring Recital Costume Fee: TBD (Due Feb 2022)

Tickets to performances, when applicable.

dancewear and ballet shoes, as needed.

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