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Trinity Dance puts on two big performances every year. All enrolled students have the opportunity to participate.

The Nutcracker, 2022

December 1-3, 2022 at Prosser High School (NEW Venue!)

December 1, 7:00pm (Cast A1 performance)

December 2, 7:00pm (Cast B1 performance)

December 3, 1:00pm (Cast A2 performance)

December 3, 7:00pm (Cast B2 performance)

*Important: if you are attending to see a particular dancer, 

please find out which performances they appear in. You can use the links here to find out, or talk to their parents.

Recital, 2023

June 22-24, 2023 at Prosser High School

These dates are tentative, but it's our usual weekend, and it seemed to be a good weekend at the school.

Past Performances

To get an idea of the kinds of performances we produce, here's a list of our past themes. You can also see our virtual recital from 2020 online, as well as our 20th anniversary celebration, which showcases several favorite pieces from over the years, and a little story behind them.

2022 Recital: Adventures in Dance

2021 Christmas: The Nutcracker

2021 Recital: A Scottish Ballet

2020 Recital: Together (Virtual)

2019 Christmas: The Nutcracker

2019 Recital: Pure Imagination

2018 Christmas: Comfort and Joy (Choreographed by Katherine Ammerman)

2018 Recital: Dance Me A Story

2017 Christmas: The Christmas Spirit

2017 Recital: The Four Elements

2016 Christmas: The Nutcracker

2016 Halloween: Danse Macabre

2016 Recital: Twelve Dancing Princesses

2015 Christmas: The Christmas Spirit

2015 Recital: A Night At The Movies

2014 Christmas: The Nutcracker (Choreographed by Nicole Moscou and Nathan Bland)

2014 Recital: Sleeping Beauty

2013 Recital: Just Dance

2012 Christmas: The Nutcracker

2012 Recital: Spring Into Ballet

2011 Recital: Classical Composition

2010 Christmas: The Nutcracker

2010 Recital: 10th Anniversary

2009 Recital: Swan Lake

2008 Christmas: The Nutcracker

2008 Recital: Sleeping Beauty

2007 Recital: A Night At The Movies

2006 Christmas: The Nutcracker

2006 Recital: Something Different

2005 Christmas: The Nutcracker

2005 Recital: The Four Seasons

2004 Recital: Unnamed performance

2003 Christmas: The Nutcracker

2003 Recital: Unnamed Performance

2002 Christmas: The Nutcracker (The original!)

2002 Recital: Unnamed Performance

2001 Recital: Unnamed Performance

2000 Recital: Unnamed Performance

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