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The Nutcracker 2019


It has been three years since we have put on The Nutcracker! I’m excited to bring it back this year. We’ve tried various options over the years, but I think a lot of our current students have never been able to participate! They have had a lot of questions!


Q: How do we sign up?

A: All participants must attend the audition on September 7th. You attend in the proper age / level group. You will fill out a form and pay a participation fee.


Q: Audition?! Do I need to prepare a solo to show you?

A: No, no, nothing like that. The audition will be a lot like class, but I will have you try different steps, styles, and acting that go along with different parts. We will also measure you and have you try on some costumes. I will make notes on each student and then decide which parts will be best.


Q: What if I don’t get a part?

A: Everyone who auditions gets at least one part, but many will have 2 or more parts.


Q: Who can audition?

A: Anyone who is enrolled in ballet at Trinity Dance Prosser, or Familiaris Fine Arts. We have parts for all ages and levels.


Q: What if I am planning to join class in October, but I really don’t want to miss out on Nutcracker?

A: As long as you can come to the audition and rehearsals, and as long as you really do start up in October, that’s fine. 


Q: How will we practice our parts? 

A: Rehearsals will be held every other Saturday. I will have a schedule made up when I announce the roles.


Q: What if I can’t come to some of my rehearsals?

A: Rehearsals are very important, because there are not very many of them! But when you audition, you will have a chance to write down any times or dates you are unable to rehearse, and it may be possible to work around that. Please keep in mind that you may only miss ONE rehearsal, and it cannot be a mandatory choreography day. If you look at the schedule and know ahead of time that you will miss several rehearsals, then you should probably skip this year.


Q: Do I get to keep my costume?

A: No, the costumes are rented from our inventory.


Q: What does the participation fee cover?

A: The participation fee is $60 per child ($120 per family) and it covers your costume rentals and rehearsal times.

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