Online Ballet Classes

As our county is currently still on modified stage 1, and dance studios cannot open until phase 3, we will be resuming our fall classes online. While this is definitely different than meeting in person, I have found that there are many benefits to the online classes. Here are some of them.

*Safe and comfortable. Everyone wants to be safe right now, and being able to take classes from your own home eliminates risk factors. It also eliminates the need for worrying about spacing, masks, and sanitizing everything. We can just relax and focus on learning ballet.

*No commute! No need to worry about getting all the kids in the car and commuting to ballet. You just need to go to the designated space in your home and log in. Also, even if you don't live in our area, you can join us just as if you did! We are working on ways to continue a livestreaming version of classes, even after we are able to meet in the studio again.

*Takes less time. Many people struggle to commit to ballet classes because it's one more place to go, one more item on the schedule. And it's not just for the child participating, it's for the parent who has to take them, maybe the siblings too. Logging in at home means the rest of the family can carry on with making dinner, finishing school work, and playing outside.

*Has all the benefits of an in-person class. You continue to work on technique and strengthening. You can see your teacher and friends. Your teacher can see you and give you feedback. It's also a little more focused, because we are limited on space, we can really focus in on individual skills.

*Performance opportunities! We have to get a little creative with this, but I firmly believe that performing is an integral part of learning ballet, even if we are only performing for Mom and Dad in our living room. Learning choreography and performing gives students clear goals, helps with memorization and spatial awareness, and builds confidence and performance skills.

How to Join Us

Follow the sign up link to register for classes. For the duration of our online classes, you pay only your base tuition rate, and you are able to take unlimited classes (your assigned level classes, plus any lower levels you wish). 

Monthly Tuition rates:

Pre-Ballet / Primary- $49

Beginning- $73

Intermediate 1- $108

Intermediate 2 (no pointe)- $145

Intermediate 2 / Advanced 1/2 (with pointe)- $165



4:30-6:00- Int 2

6:00-7:00- Beginning


5:00-5:30- Pre-Ballet / Primary

5:30-6:30- Int 1

6:30-8:00- Advanced 1/2


4:00-5:30- Int 2

5:30-6:30- Beginning

6:30-8:00- Advanced 2


5:00-5:30- Pre-Ballet / Primary

5:30-6:30- Int 1

6:30-8:00- Advanced 1/2

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