I will create the full schedule after the auditions. It will be viewable by Monday, September 9. You can help me create the best possible rehearsal schedule by adding details about schedule conflicts to your audition forms. I want to make a schedule that works best for the most people possible. A few things to keep in mind, in general: Rehearsals are separated into groups, but I will be down at the studio all day most of the time, running rehearsals. If you have multiple parts, chances are you'll be down there often as well! I can try to group common roles together, but I won't always be able to. You can request to be given only one role if you want a less insane schedule, or only one cast if you want a less insane performance week. 

I do have the DATES that we will be having rehearsals. Please don't be shy about telling me if one won't work. I will do my best to make sure anything I am told in advance can work out well with the schedule. Thank you for your help!

September 14 


September 21 


October 12 


October 26 


November 9

November 23

December 7

Dress rehearsal December 16 6-9pm

Dress rehearsal December 17 6-9pm

Performance December 19  7pm

Performance December 20  7pm

Performance December 21 1pm

Performance December 21 7pm

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