To register, visit the parent portal.

We accept students year-round, as long as there is room in the class, but there may be deadlines for participation in our performances.

-Tuition is an annual rate, separated into 10 monthly installments. Tuition is not lower in shorter months, or higher in longer months. Just makes it simpler! 

-We offer free trial classes during the school year, in case you aren't sure if your child wants to dance. Please contact us to schedule a trial class. We do not offer free trials in the summer months, except on specific days.

Special notes for this year

In March of 2020, we closed our studio doors and held classes virtually because of COVID-19. We had no idea it would be so long for us to get back to class! We held a virtual recital (which you can view here on the website) and continued working together from a distance. We ended up being closed for in-person classes until the end of September. We were open for about six weeks before the state shut down again. We are now OPEN again! 

We are following recommended guidelines, limiting our classes to ten students at a time, keeping everyone spaced six feet apart during class and at rest, checking temperatures on arrival, and sanitizing hands and barres frequently.

We continue to offer a zoom option. Several of our students choose to continue participating virtually, as well as we ask if there has been any exposure to COVID or anyone is showing COVID-like symptoms, that the student stay home for that day. Having zoom as an option really helps for those days, so that kids don't have to miss class entirely. In addition, if the teacher has exposure or develops symptoms, classes would be held on zoom until she's cleared.

For classes with more than ten students, we have a zoom rotation, where the students take turns having a class on zoom to keep our in-person numbers at 10. 

We are planning a spring recital in June. The dates are not determined yet, but I'm hoping for the third or fourth weekend. It will most likely be an outdoor performance, and we will begin learning choreography in April. 

We hope to not have to close again, but we are all operating with the understanding that circumstances may change and we may have to temporarily go back to zoom classes or change how we do things. We're just trying to keep afloat!

Dancing and movement is so good for us: physically, mentally, spiritually! We hope you'll join our family!

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