To register, visit the parent portal.

We are currently accepting students to begin in January. Please check our parent portal for class availability. Your first tuition payment includes a deposit, which is applied to June's tuition. As long as you stay enrolled continuously through June, you will receive that deposit back.

We accept students year-round, as long as there is room in the class, but there are some deadlines you need to be aware of.

-In order to be a part of our spring recital, older students need to be enrolled no later than January 1. Younger students (Pre-Ballet and Primary) need to be enrolled no later than February 28. 

-Tuition is an annual rate, separated into 10 monthly installments. Tuition is not lower in shorter months, or higher in longer months. Just makes it simpler! 

-We offer free trial classes during the school year, in case you aren't sure if your child wants to dance. Please contact us to schedule a trial class. We do not offer free trials in the summer months, except on specific days.

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