Tuition Policies

Tuition must be paid in order for your student to participate in class.  Monthly installment for the school year classes are due on or before the first class of the month. We have an autopay option, which comes out on the 5th of each month.

Performance participation fees are as follows:

The Nutcracker: (private performances this year): $60- due in November

Spring recital: $55-$75 per student, includes one costume to keep. - due in March

Tuition payments more than five days late result in a late fee. You will be able to pay your invoice online, in person, or over the phone.

Tuition that remains unpaid into the following month will result in the student being unenrolled from class, and you will need to re-register and pay any past due amounts in order to continue.

That being said, we are a family business with family-minded owners. If you have a financial difficulty and need to make arrangements to pay later than the duedate, just contact us! We are happy to work with you when that's possible.

Studio Policies- updated to reflect phased approach to re-opening after covid-19

As of September 11, 2020, Fitness Facilities (Which includes dance studios) have been released to operate under Phase 2 guidelines, with a statement issued by Governor Jay Inslee. Trinity Dance Prosser will begin holding in-studio classes, following these guidelines for capacity, spacing, masks, health checks, and sanitation. Please review the information below before committing to attend ballet classes at Trinity Dance.


In-studio classes will begin Monday, September 21.


We will continue offering a zoom option of all our classes, so if you are not comfortable attending in person, you can always join us online. 




-Classes will be limited to ten students at a time as per the guideline issued by the DOH. For classes with a larger enrollment than 10 students, there will be a rotation where some students will take class over zoom occasionally. For example, if there are 13 kids in the class, we’ll rotate 3 kids at a time, so they’ll have 3-4 classes in the studio, then one class on zoom. Larger classes may end up having 2 consecutive classes on zoom, then several in person. I will release a schedule for each month that you can have, and it will be posted at the studio as well.


-The viewing room, back room, and dressing rooms are closed until further notice. Parents will need to bring students to the door, ready to dance, and send them in with the teacher. Early drop offs are not permitted. We will have a password-protected livestream option so parents can watch the class from their vehicles or from home if they like. All students should arrive already dressed and prepared for class. Please have your child use the restroom before class. While the restroom is available, we’d like to limit usage as much as possible.




-Students will be spaced at least 6 feet apart for barre and center exercises. We will utilize groups so that they can move freely in more complicated exercises. They will have designated spots to put their belongings, also spaced 6 feet apart, so that when they are not dancing, they go to their designated spot to wait their turn / get a drink. We will work on the best pathways for moving around the room to keep our spacing.


-With the exception of pre-ballet and primary, who have extra time before their classes, students will enter the studio through the right side door and go down the hallway to enter the studio space from the back. Students leaving class will exit the studio through the office door and the left side door to meet parents at the sidewalk. For this reason, we really need parents to arrive for pickup in a timely manner. Remember that class releases 5 minutes before the listed end time. This will allow time for sanitizing.




-Face masks are not required at all for ages 3 and under. 

-For older children, face masks are required for times when 6 ft spacing is not possible. Entering and exiting the building, the hallways, etc. We will ask that students wear their masks when they arrive at the studio until they reach their personal spot to leave their belongings. 


-Masks are not required during exercise, so I will leave it up to you whether or not your child wears one during class. Please understand that not everyone will be wearing one. 


-There may be particular activities where I ask the students to put their masks back on, if spacing becomes tricky. One example is barre exercises for pointe class...they all need to be at the barre, and it’s tricky to space apart for that portion.


-For myself, I will have a mask that I will put on when I can’t maintain spacing. For example, if I need to manually correct a student or stand right next to them. Otherwise, I will keep my distance, and keep my mask down. I have trouble breathing, and trying to move and talk with a mask on will be very difficult!


Health Checks:


-We will scan the students with a thermometer upon entrance. Outside of this precaution, health checks are up to you. Please read the info below carefully.


-If your child has had symptoms of illness within the last 14 days, you should keep them at home and do zoom classes instead. If your family has been sick, you should keep your child home.


-If your child exhibits obvious symptoms (coughing, sniffles, fever, trouble breathing) after joining the class, classes will have to be stopped for the day so we can sanitize, and all the students in your child’s class will not be able to return to class for 2 weeks. THIS IS HUGE. Please do not send your child to class sick.


-If I develop symptoms of illness, I will not be able to teach in person. I will either have to have a sub come in, or all classes will have to temporarily be on zoom. I am taking lots of precautions in my personal life in order to stay healthy and keep my family healthy, so it’s very important that everyone does their part to keep each other safe.


-All families will be required to sign the usual liability / photography waiver and release form, with additional wording that addresses Covid specifically.


-Fitness and Dance studios have been the LAST thing to be allowed to open. That has been very frustrating. However, even with all of these regulations, I know there’s always still a chance someone could get Covid. That’s why it’s so important to control everything that CAN be controlled. If there start to be outbreaks in dance and fitness facilities, I know the state will shut us down again, and I do NOT want that to happen. This is why we are being so firm on the symptoms / health part.




- We have two hand sanitizing stations in the studio, which are also equipped with tissues and a trash can (in case of the occasional sneezes). Students will need to use them before entering the studio, and are encouraged to use them any time they need to (just touched face, sneezed, etc). 


-Barres will be sanitized after each use. Floors will be sprayed down with an evaporating disinfectant between classes. Bathroom will be wiped down between classes.


-FAVOR: Disinfecting wipes are scarce right now, but those are the easiest to use on the barres and fixtures. If you happen to be out and about and see some, I’d be very happy if you’d pick us up a roll! I’ll happily reimburse you with a credit on your tuition account.


Other information.


Zoom Classes and Makeup Fridays-


As you may have noticed after reading all of this, ALL students need to be willing to accept the occasional zoom class, either because of capacity rotation, student or teacher showing symptoms, or temporary mandated closures. Our thirty day withdrawal notice still applies if you wish to drop from classes. Tuition rates are the same whether you are taking class over zoom or in person.


Because we know that for some people, zoom classes are difficult because of connection issues, we will also have a once-per-month Friday makeup. The schedule and signup will be released on the first of each month (starting in October). Class size is still limited to ten students, and we would encourage those who struggle to use zoom to take advantage of this makeup class. It will generally fall on the third Friday of each month.


Tuition payment / late payments:


-Because our office will be closed, we ask that all card payments be made online, rather than in person. Check payments may be either sent with the student or mailed to our home.


-Because we are dealing with limited capacity in classes, students with an outstanding balance on their tuition account will NOT be allowed to participate in person until the balance is paid in full. Tuition is due on or before the 5th of each month unless prior arrangements have been made. If you enroll in autopay, the payment comes out on the 5th.


Zoom parents meeting:


In order to join us for in person classes, all parents need to join me live for a zoom meeting. I will have several scheduled next Fri-Sun, where we will go over the guidelines and you can ask any questions you may have. If you absolutely, positively cannot use zoom, you will need to schedule a phone call with me.


Registering for in-person classes:


Students will be put on the list in the order that we receive confirmation of them desiring to take part in the class, and this will be how we set up our initial rotation (if there needs to be one). 


If you choose at first to do zoom only, then later change your mind and want to start doing in-person classes, you must speak with us first, so that you can be put on the rotation list and schedule. There may be a week or so before you would be able to start your in-studio classes.

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