Tuition Policies

Tuition must be paid in order for your student to participate in class.  Monthly installment for the school year classes are due on or before the first class of the month. We have an autopay option, which comes out on the 5th of each month.

Performance participation fees are as follows:

The Nutcracker: $50 per student (due in October)

Spring recital: $50-$70 per student, includes one costume to keep. (Duedate varies, depending on the level, but generally in February)

Tuition payments more than five days late result in a late fee. You will be able to pay your invoice online, in person, or over the phone.

Tuition that remains unpaid into the following month will result in the student being unenrolled from class, and you will need to re-register and pay any past due amounts in order to continue.

That being said, we are a family business with family-minded owners. If you have a financial difficulty and need to make arrangements to pay later than the duedate, just contact us! We are happy to work with you when that's possible.

Studio Policies

Student Behavior: Students are expected to treat each other, their teacher, and themselves with respect. They should not run or shout in the studio, they should not grab or push other students, and they should speak kindly and respectfully to one another. They should stay focused on what the teacher is asking them to do. They should arrive prepared for class and properly dressed, and they should take care when dealing with pain or an injury, We have a lot of fun in class, and I like to keep things lighthearted and joyful. I like seeing them form friendships. But all of these activities must happen within the boundaries of a productive class.

Pre-school students: We appreciate a parent staying during the 30-minute classes in order to help with potty breaks, or if the student needs a parent to redirect their behavior. I understand that the main purpose of this class is teaching little ones how to respond to a teacher and classmates, and I don't expect them to be perfect all the time! However, everyone has rough days, and sometimes a little one may need to be removed from class by a parent if it is becoming impossible to keep the class moving. This is usually a temporary thing, and the student can either rejoin the class after a pep talk, or try again the following week. If I think a student is simply not ready for ballet class, I will be honest about it, but most times, littles just need a chance to find out what the expectations are. My goal is for them to love ballet and be happy about it!

Parents: Please do not drop your child off for ballet more than 10 minutes before the start of the class, unless a special arrangement has been made. Especially with my first class of the day, if I arrive more than 10 minutes early, I am cleaning, planning, or choreographing, and am not prepared to have students in the building with me. Parents are welcome to watch classes from our viewing room, but please note that it is not sound-proof, and our building has an impressive echo. :)

Dress Code: Students in Beginning Ballet and up are expected to wear a black leotard, pink tights, and pink ballet slippers. Hair should be in a tidy bun. If you don't know how to do a bun, we can help, but make sure you send hair ties / hairpins / a brush with your child so we can. Ballet skirts (sheer) are welcome, but not required. Small jewelry, such as stud earrings, are fine, but please leave anything bulky at home. Younger students should wear ballet clothes for class, just to get them used to the routine, but it's not required, and there are no color restrictions.

Attendance: Attendance is very important, both for your child's progression as a dancer, and for choreography purposes. We work on most choreography during class, and if a student misses too many classes and too much of the choreography, their participation in the performance may be limited.

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