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Summer Session 2023

Quick info:

-Summer Session runs for 6 weeks: July 17- August 24. All classes meet on a weekly basis.

-All classes (Minus the toddler dance with Mom) participate in a performance on August 26 at the city park!

-We have class options for ages 2 and up, all levels. We also have an adult ballet class!

-Discounts on multiple classes for the same student. Also, no minimum class requirements for older students. 

-Simple tuition payments: Two payments: half at the time of registration, half in August. Tuition includes the performance outfit, which will be something they can use in class later!

Class Schedule


4:00-4:45pm- Summer Primary Ballet (Ages 5-7)- Full Tuition $150

5:00-5:45pm- Twinkle Stars 5-6 (With Tumbling)- Full Tuition $150

5:45-6:30pm- Tumbling 2 (placement, or ages 8+)- Full Tuition $150

6:30-8:30pm- Advanced Student Choreographer Intensive- Full Tuition $250


4:00-5:00pm- Foundations of Pointe- Full Tuition- $112

5:15-6:00pm- Tumbling 1 (Ages 4-7)- Full tuition $150

6:15-7:00pm- Twinkle Stars 3-4 (With Tumbling)- Full tuition $150

7:00-8:30pm- Summer Adult Ballet- Full Tuition $128


9:30-10:15am- Twinkle Stars 5-6 (With Jazz)- Full tuition $150

10:30-11:00am- Toddler Dance (With Mommy!)- Full tuition $76

11:15am-12:00- Twinkle Stars 3-4 (With Jazz)- Full tuition $150

4:30-5:00pm- Twinkle Stars 2-3 (With Tumbling)- Full tuition $124

5:15-6:00pm- Twinkle Stars 3-4 (With Tumbling- Full tuition $150

6:00-7:00pm- Summer Beginning Ballet (Ages 8+ or by placement)- Full tuition $164


4:45-5:30pm- Twinkle Stars 3-4 (With Jazz)- Full tuition $150

5:30-7:00pm- Intermediate Summer Ballet (Levels 4/5)- Full tuition $188

7:00-8:30- Advanced Summer Ballet (Levels 6/7)- Full tuition $188

*Multiple class discount (for the same student): Receive 25% off the 2nd class, 50% off the 3rd class, and 75% off the 4th. Any additional classes are free. 

*Each class slot performs ONE dance in the show.

*Tap and ballet shoes are needed for Twinkle Star classes. It's ok if they don't have them right away.

*See our class descriptions for more info on our classes

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